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Car shipping from Dubai UAE to Jordan

Car shipping from Dubai UAE to Jordan ,Land Transportation ,Air, sea freight, Shipping Company from Dubai to Amman Jordan, Door To Door Car shipping, equipment, spare parts, goods

Car shipping from Dubai UAE to Jordan

Car shipping from Dubai UAE to Jordan ,Land Transportation ,Air, sea freight, Shipping Company from Dubai to Amman Jordan, Door To Door Car shipping, equipment, spare parts, goods

Car shipping from UAE to Jordan

BBC Car Shipping Company from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE to Jordan. We provide land transportation services from Dubai to Jordan, in addition to sea and air shipping of cars, equipment, spare parts, and goods.

BBC Car Shipping Company provides comprehensive shipping services between the UAE and Jordan. Based in Dubai, we offer door-to-door shipping for both individuals and businesses looking to transport vehicles, equipment, parts, and other goods between the two countries.

As experts in UAE to Jordan shipping, we handle the entire process including customs clearance, documentation, and land transportation. Our main routes are from Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi to Amman and Aqaba in Jordan. However we provide shipping services from anywhere in the UAE to all major Jordanian cities.

The highlights of our shipping process include door-to-door insured service, handling all documentation and customs clearance, and providing real-time tracking. We have a large fleet of car carriers and equipment trucks as well as established sea freight routes between the UAE and the Jordanian ports of Aqaba and Aqaba. Our experienced team handles all aspects of the shipping process so you have peace of mind.

Whether you need to ship a car, commercial equipment, spare parts or any type of cargo between the UAE and Jordan, BBC Shipping has you covered. We provide fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific shipping requirements.

Car Shipping From Dubai to Jordan

If you need to ship your car from the UAE to Jordan, our shipping company can provide a quick, safe, and cost-effective door-to-door service. We handle the entire export process for you, including all required documentation.

The process begins when you contact us to arrange pickup of your vehicle in the UAE. We will inspect your car, take photos, and prepare the export documents on your behalf. Any repairs or servicing needed to pass the vehicle inspection can also be arranged.

The key documents required for exporting a car from the UAE to Jordan are:

– UAE registration and ownership certificate

– UAE export certificate issued by the traffic department

– Bill of lading

– Invoice listing details of the car

– Jordan import license

Our team will obtain these documents for your vehicle and handle the customs procedures. We use modern RORO ships to transport cars which are safer and faster than container transport.

Shipping costs vary based on vehicle type, but you can expect to pay around $1000-$1500 for a standard sedan from Dubai to Aqaba port in Jordan. Transit time is normally 10-14 days door-to-door. Upon arrival in Jordan, we will complete the import customs clearance and deliver the car to your specified location.

With our seamless car shipping service, you avoid the hassle of driving through multiple countries. Let our experts handle the paperwork and transportation, while you relax and await your car’s safe arrival in Jordan.

Car Shipping From Dubai to Jordan

Shipping from Dubai to Amman

Dubai to Amman is one of the most popular shipping routes for our customers in the UAE exporting goods and vehicles to Jordan. We provide both sea and land transportation options from Dubai to Jordan’s capital city of Amman.


For sea shipping, we offer weekly consolidated container shipments from Dubai to the Port of Aqaba in Jordan. From Aqaba, your shipment is trucked the short distance to Amman. Transit time is approximately 7-10 days port to port. Costs for a full 20ft container range from $2,500 to $3,500 depending on the types of goods being shipped. For vehicles, shipping cost is determined by the size of the vehicle.


We also offer land transport direct from Dubai to Amman. This door to door option takes 4-5 days direct transit. Costs range from $800 to $1,500 for a full 20ft container load. For vehicle transport, costs range from $600 for a sedan up to $1,500 for a large SUV.


Land transit times are quicker but costs are higher compared to sea freight. For urgent shipments or perishable cargo, land transport is recommended. For larger volumes, sea freight costs less per unit shipped.


Once your shipment arrives in Amman, we coordinate local delivery and customs clearance directly with our partners in Jordan. We handle all documentation and licensing required for exporting goods from the UAE and importing into Jordan.


Amman is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Jordan. Home to nearly half the country’s population, Amman offers a fascinating blend of old and new. The ancient sites of Aqaba and Petra are within easy reach. With mild weather and a low cost of living, Amman continues to draw expatriates from across the Middle East along with international tourists and business travellers.

Shipping from Abu Dhabi to Jordan

The port of Abu Dhabi serves as a major gateway for exports and imports between the UAE and other countries. If you need to ship your vehicle from Abu Dhabi to Jordan, we offer reliable car transportation to all major destinations.

Our main routes from Abu Dhabi include:

– Abu Dhabi to Aqaba

– Abu Dhabi to Amman

– Abu Dhabi to Irbid

The journey from Abu Dhabi to Aqaba port takes approximately 2-3 days depending on the shipping route. For Amman, the estimated timeline is 3-5 days. Ground transportation from Aqaba to Amman adds 1-2 days.

The cost of shipping a car from Abu Dhabi to Jordan depends on:

– Vehicle dimensions

– Weight

– Shipping method (RORO or container)

On average, the cost ranges from $800 to $1500 for a standard sedan. SUVs and trucks are charged higher. We provide a free quote for your specific shipment requirements.

Our team handles all documentation such as export/import customs clearance, certificates of origin, temporary registration, etc. We have years of experience shipping vehicles from UAE to Jordan and can ensure a smooth hassle-free process.

Get in touch with us for competitive rates and excellent service for shipping your car from Abu Dhabi to Jordan. We also transport equipment, spare parts, personal items and commercial cargo.

Door to Door Shipping Service from the UAE to Jordan

Our door to door shipping service provides added security, convenience, and peace of mind for shipping your vehicle from the UAE to Jordan.

We oversee your car’s journey from start to finish, including:

– Pickup from your home or office in the UAE on the scheduled date

– Land transportation of your car in covered transporters to the port

– Export customs clearance and port handling in the UAE

– Sea freight transit of your car in RORO vessels

– Import customs clearance and port handling in Aqaba, Jordan

– Transportation of your car from Aqaba port to your specified address in Jordan

With our door to door service, your car is fully insured and tracked until delivery to your address in Jordan. We handle all documentation and port procedures so you can relax knowing your car is in good hands.


Door to Door Shipping Service from the UAE to Jordan

Our drivers are experienced professionals who are specially trained to handle vehicles with utmost care during loading, transit, and unloading. We use modern covered transporters and car carriers to protect your vehicle while in transit.

Door to door service gives you added security, convenience, and peace of mind that your car will be safely delivered from your address in the UAE to your home or company in Jordan.

Sea Freight from Dubai to Aqaba

One of the most popular routes for shipping goods from the UAE to Jordan is by sea from Dubai to the port of Aqaba. This route is ideal for transporting large volumes of goods or heavy equipment.

The sea journey from Dubai to Aqaba takes approximately 2-3 days depending on port operations and weather conditions. Containerships, bulk carriers, and RORO vessels are commonly used for sea freight between Dubai and Aqaba.

Types of goods commonly shipped by sea include:

– Cars, trucks, and heavy equipment

– Construction materials and machinery

– Bulk goods like aggregates, grains, oils etc.

– General cargo in containers – anything from clothes, spare parts, packaged foods etc.

The costs for sea freight between Dubai and Aqaba depends on the type, weight and volume of cargo. Indicative rates are:

– Standard container (20 ft) – $1000 to $1500

– 40 ft container – $1600 to $2500 

– Heavy lift or oversized cargo – Enquire for quote

– Full container load (FCL) is cheaper than less than container load (LCL)

Door-to-port and port-to-door haulage can be arranged in Dubai and Aqaba. Customs clearance and paperwork is handled by our licensed customs agents. With direct weekly sailings, sea freight provides a regular and cost-effective option to ship goods between the UAE and Jordan.

Land Transportation from UAE to Jordan

We provide professional land transportation services for shipping cars, equipment, and cargo from the UAE to Jordan. Our trucks take direct routes across the Saudi Arabia border for fast, efficient delivery.

### Trucking Routes

Our drivers are experienced in navigating the best trucking routes from the UAE to Jordan. We plan optimized routes to minimize transit time. From Dubai, our trucks take the E311 highway through Saudi Arabia crossing at Al Batha border. We reach Amman via Highway 15 and Highway 35, arriving in just 2-3 days.


From Abu Dhabi, we take E65 to Al Ghuwaifat crossing, joining Highway 85 up through Saudi Arabia. We reach Amman through Highway 10. Transit time is approximately 3 days.



### Safety and Efficiency

At BBC Shipping, safety and efficiency are our top priorities. Our truck drivers are licensed professionals who consistently deliver shipments on-time without incident. Our trucks are modern and well-maintained to minimize the risk of breakdowns or delays.

We only plan routes through safe areas to avoid risks. Shipments are secured and tracked until they safely reach their destination. With over 10 years of trucking experience from the UAE to Jordan, we have established efficient transit procedures for rapid customs clearance and border crossings.

Shipping Equipment from the UAE to Jordan

Shipping Equipment from the UAE to Jordan

Our logistics teams have years of experience shipping all types of equipment and machinery from the UAE to Jordan. We provide specialized solutions tailored to the unique requirements of transporting sensitive equipment safely and efficiently.


When shipping construction machinery, farming equipment, manufacturing equipment, or any other type of heavy machinery, timing is often critical. We understand the costs of downtime and will get your equipment to its destination in Jordan without delays. Our services include:

– Careful loading, securing and lashing of all equipment for safe transport.

– All arrangements for necessary permits and customs clearances.

– Real-time tracking and monitoring throughout the shipping process.

– Insurance coverage options.

– Combining equipment transport with your other logistic needs into one seamless door-to-door shipment.

The costs of equipment shipping depends on volume, weight, dimensions and mode of transport. We will provide a competitive quote tailored to your specific cargo. Our economies of scale allow us to offer better rates than you may be able to arrange yourself.

Contact our logistics experts today to learn more about planning and scheduling your upcoming equipment delivery to Jordan.

## Documentation

Shipping a car internationally requires gathering the proper documents and navigating customs regulations. When shipping your car from the UAE to Jordan, here are some key documents you’ll need:

### Vehicle Title or Registration

You’ll need to provide documentation that shows proof of ownership. Bring the original title or registration for the vehicle you are shipping.

### Passport Copy

Provide a copy of your passport to verify your identity. This is required by customs officials in both the origin and destination countries.

### Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is a contract between you and the shipping company that outlines details of the shipment, fees, and terms. You’ll receive this from the shipping company and may need to present it during the customs clearance process.


### Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is used by customs to verify the description, value, and ownership of the goods being shipped. Your shipping company can help prepare this document.


### Insurance Documents

Marine insurance will protect your vehicle in case of damage during transit. Bring proof of valid insurance coverage when crossing borders.


### Import License

Jordan requires an import license issued by the Ministry of Trade for all vehicle shipments crossing its borders. Your shipping company can assist with procuring the proper license before export.


When your car arrives at the Jordan border, it will undergo customs inspection and clearance before release. You may need to provide original copies of your documentation during this process. Though customs procedures can be complex, an experienced international car shipping company will handle logistics and documentation for a smooth delivery.


## Why Choose Us?


With over 10 years of experience shipping vehicles, equipment, and cargo from the UAE to Jordan, we are the experts you can rely on. Our team knows the import regulations and documentation requirements to ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time.


### Experience


Having handled thousands of shipments over the past decade, we have unmatched experience shipping to Jordan. Our longstanding relationships with customs brokers, freight forwarders, and logistics partners in Jordan enable us to expedite clearance and make the entire shipping process smooth. You can trust our expertise.


### Reliability


We take reliability seriously and have an excellent track record of on-time deliveries. Our operations team meticulously plans each shipment, providing door-to-door tracking until the cargo is safely delivered. We proactively communicate any issues and provide solutions. You can count on us.


### Customer Service


Our customers are our top priority. We provide exceptional service throughout the shipping process, answering any questions you have. Our account managers provide personalized assistance with documentation, port & border clearances, and selecting the best transportation method based on your timeline and budget. We make shipping easy.

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