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Car Shipping to Bahrain from Dubai UAE

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Car Shipping to Bahrain from Dubai UAE

BBC car shipping services from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE to Manama, Bahrain Car Shipping to Bahrain from Dubai UAE, Flatbed, Recovery, Car Carry Car Shipping to Bahrain from Dubai UAE, shipping cars, equipment, spare parts, land, sea, RORO shipping, from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, to Manama, Bahrain, door to door, car transport platform from Dubai To Bahrain, recovery, car-carry, car carrier, car shipping container from Dubai to Bahrain, land Transportation from Dubai to Bahrain, sea freight from Dubai to Bahrain

car shipping from UAE to Bahrain

BBC Car Shipping Company from Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Ajman to Bahrain Manama

Bahrain,  is a common destination for car owners in the United Arab Emirates who want to ship their vehicles internationally. With close proximity and established trade relations, shipping a car from the UAE to Bahrain is generally a straightforward process.

The most common routes for car shipping from the UAE to Bahrain include Dubai to Manama and Abu Dhabi to Manama. Other origin points in the UAE may include Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. Some car owners opt to transport their vehicles from inland cities in the UAE, like Al Ain, to the coast before loading for sea shipment to Bahrain.

The general timeline for shipping a car from the UAE to Bahrain is 2-6 weeks. However, preparation is required before shipping, including finding a transport company, reserving shipment dates, preparing customs paperwork, and getting the car ready for transport. Once loaded, sea shipments take roughly 5-10 days for delivery to Bahrain. Upon arrival, the car must clear Bahrain customs inspections before final delivery to the owner. With preparations, the entire door-to-door process may take 4-6 weeks.

Knowing what to expect and planning accordingly is key for a smooth shipping process between the UAE and Bahrain. Doing research, hiring a reputable company, preparing documents, and readying your car properly will set you up for hassle-free international car transport.

Regulations for Shipping Cars from the UAE to Bahrain

Shipping a car from UAE to Bahrain requires navigating customs regulations and having the proper documentation. Here are some key things to know:

### Customs Regulations

– Cars must clear customs in the UAE before being exported. You will need an export certificate from UAE customs.

– Only left-hand drive vehicles are permitted for import into Bahrain.


– The vehicle must meet Bahrain import regulations including safety and emissions standards. Modified cars may require special approvals.

– Personal vehicles can only be imported duty-free if you have lived abroad for at least one year. There are restrictions on selling imported vehicles.

### Required Documents

– Original vehicle registration card and ownership certificate

– Insurance policy covering transportation

– UAE export certificate

– Pack list with details of the car being shipped

– Passport copy of owner

– No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the traffic department (for UAE registered vehicles)

– Authorization letter if someone else is handling customs clearance


### Import Duties

– Import duty is 5% of the vehicle’s value. For new cars, value is based on invoice price. For used cars, it’s based on market value assessed by Bahrain Customs.

– There is also a fee of BD 15 for registration and roadworthiness testing.

– Customs clearance fees, port handling charges, and other taxes may also apply.

– Temporary import of cars is possible but duties must be paid if keeping the car more than 6 months.

Consult reputable shipping agents to ensure you have all the required paperwork prepared based on your situation to avoid delays or penalties during the shipping process.

## Choosing a Shipping Method from the UAE to Bahrain

When shipping your car from the UAE to Bahrain, you have three main options – road, sea and air freight. Each method has its own pros, cons and costs you need to consider.

BBC International Land Transport Company from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, UAE to Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Sultanate of Oman. We provide customized land transportation services for cars, equipment, and spare parts from the UAE to all GCC countries, door to door.

Transporting your car by road is the cheapest shipping method from the UAE to Bahrain. It involves loading your car onto a specialized car carrier truck or trailer for land transportation.


– Lowest cost option

– Fast transit times of 1-2 days

– Convenient door-to-door service


– Potential for damage from road hazards

– Restrictions on shipping oversized vehicles 

Land Transportation from UAE to Bahrain

sea freight cars from Jebel Ali Port, Dubai, to Bahrain

BBC Company for sea freight services from the ports of the Emirates to Bahrain. Car shipping from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to Manama, Bahrain. We at BBC International Shipping Company specialize in sea freight services for cars, equipment, containers and car spare parts.

You can ship your car by sea from major UAE ports like Jebel Ali in Dubai to the Bahrain Port. The vehicle is loaded in a shipping container or onto a Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) vessel.


– Can handle all vehicle sizes

– Lower costs than air freight


– Slower transit times of 3-6 days

– Risk of sea damage

Air freight from Dubai to Bahrain

For fastest shipping, you can opt to air freight your car from a UAE airport to Bahrain International Airport. Your car is loaded into an aircraft cargo hold.


– Fastest transit time of 1-2 days

– Lowest risk of damage


– Most expensive option

– Size and weight restrictions

When selecting your shipping method, compare costs, transit times and risks to make the best choice for your vehicle and budget.

## Preparing Your Car for Shipping to Bahrain

Before shipping your car to Bahrain, it’s important to take the time to properly prepare your vehicle for the journey. This involves cleaning and servicing the car, making any required modifications, and ensuring you have all necessary documentation in place.

### Cleaning and Servicing

Give your car a thorough cleaning, inside and out, before it gets loaded onto the transport carrier. Remove any loose items and personal belongings. Have your car professionally serviced and make sure fluid levels, tire pressure, brakes, battery, and lights are all in good working order. This prevents issues during shipping and complies with import regulations.

### Required Modifications

Certain modifications may be required to legally ship your car to Bahrain:

– Install clear glass headlights if your car has tinted headlights. Tinted headlights are prohibited.

 – Make sure your car has a spare tire, jack, and wheel wrench. These are required.

– Disable or remove any radar detectors before shipping. Radar detectors are illegal in Bahrain.

– Check maximum allowed tint levels for window glass and adjust if needed.

### Documentation

Gather all required paperwork before shipping:

– Passport copy

– UAE registration and ownership documents

– Insurance policy documents

– Inventory list with your contact details and car details like VIN number

– Temporary export plates from UAE

– Bill of lading from your shipping agent

Ensuring your car is properly prepared minimizes delays, damage, or refusal of entry when importing into Bahrain. Contact the destinations port authorities to confirm all latest requirements.

car Shipping from Dubai to Bahrain, Manama

BBC is distinguished by many advantages, as cars are transported via dedicated containers or a car transport platform from Dubai, the Emirates, to Bahrain, or a recovery car transporter, or a car-carry, or what is called a car transporter. In addition to the land transport of cars from the Emirates to Bahrain, the shipping method is also used. Bahri cars from UAE ports to Bahrain

car Shipping from Dubai to Bahrain, Manama

Flatbed transporting cars from Dubai to Bahrain

At BBC, we have different types of car transport flatbeds, including regular ones, including open and covered hydraulic ones. We at BBC Company are present throughout the Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah or Al Quwain, to work to meet our customers’ requirements for car transport flatbed services from Dubai to… Bahrain, Manama, door to door, in the fastest time and at the best prices

Recovery car transport from Dubai to Bahrain

Recovery is equipped to transport cars from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah to Bahrain, Manama, and to any place in Bahrain. BBC Company is one of the best companies specialized in door-to-door car transportation services.

Car Carry for transporting cars from Dubai to Bahrain

The process of transporting cars using equipped carriers, where cars are assembled in the Emirates and transported to all Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, and Kuwait, door to door.

Car Shipping Company from Dubai to Bahrain

When arranging to ship your vehicle from the UAE to Bahrain, it’s important to find a reliable and reputable provider. Not all car shipping companies are created equal, so you’ll want to research potential providers thoroughly before selecting one to handle your vehicle transportation.

The key is to look for an established company that is properly licensed for international car shipping. There are illegally operating car carriers that may provide cheaper quotes, but they should be avoided as they often cut corners and put your vehicle at risk. Only work with legitimate licensed businesses.

Look for car shipping companies that have a strong reputation based on customer reviews and word of mouth referrals. Check online review sites to see feedback from others who have used the provider for UAE to Bahrain transportation. Positive reviews over an extended period are a good sign. You can also ask the company for references from past clients.

Request proof of licensing, insurance, and bonding from any potential car shipping company. Make sure coverage amounts are adequate. This protects you in case any damage occurs during transit.

A quality car shipping company will thoroughly explain their processes, provide a written quote, and be upfront about any additional fees or charges. Beware of quotes that seem too good to be true.

Doing diligent research takes a bit more time upfront, but helps avoid headaches when entrusting your vehicle into the carrier’s hands. Taking the extra effort to vet providers helps ensure a smooth, stress-free shipping process.

Car Shipping Company from Dubai to Bahrain

Shipping to Bahrain from UAE | Dubai | Sea Freight

Shipping cars by sea from the UAE to Bahrain is a popular option for transporting vehicles between the two countries. The main ports used for sea transportation are Jebel Ali Port in Dubai and Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi.

### Types of Sea Transport

There are two main types of vessels used for shipping vehicles from the UAE to Bahrain:

– **RORO ships (roll-on/roll-off)** – These vessels have built-in ramps that allow cars to be driven on and off easily. RORO ships are the most common way to transport vehicles by sea.

– **Containers** – Cars can also be shipped in 20ft or 40ft shipping containers. This protects your vehicle from the elements during transit. Containers need to be loaded onto container vessels using cranes or other equipment.

### Timing

The sea journey from the UAE to Bahrain ports takes approximately 8-12 hours depending on the port of departure. Generally, RORO transport is quicker as vehicles can drive on and off easily. Shipping in containers takes more time as they need to be loaded and unloaded.

Schedules vary but there are usually several sailings per week between the UAE and Bahrain. Frequency is higher between Jebel Ali and Bahrain than between Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

### Cost Comparison

Sea shipping is one of the most cost effective ways to transport vehicles between the UAE and Bahrain. Indicative costs are:

Sea shipping costs are significantly cheaper than transporting by air. The exact rate will depend on factors like vehicle size, time of year and availability. Getting quotes from different shipping providers is recommended.

In summary, sea transportation provides a budget-friendly option for shipping vehicles between the UAE and Bahrain. Short transit times and frequent sailings make it an appealing choice for many. Carefully comparing costs between RORO and container shipping is advised.

Road Transportation from UAE to Bahrain

Road transportation is an affordable and convenient option for shipping your car from the UAE to Bahrain. There are direct land routes between the two countries via the King Fahd Causeway, which facilitates easy transport of vehicles.

The only border crossing for road transport from the UAE into Bahrain is via the King Fahd Causeway. This 25km causeway spans the Persian Gulf, connecting the eastern province of Saudi Arabia with the island nation of Bahrain. It is the longest fixed link across open sea water in the world. The causeway is only accessible for those arriving from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and upon leaving the UAE border, you will need to stop at the Saudi immigration checkpoint to obtain entry clearance before proceeding to Bahrain.

When arranging road transportation, be sure to use an established company that can handle all documentation and customs clearance. Confirm details of insurance coverage, costs, timeline, and any restrictions. With the proper preparations, shipping your car from the UAE to Bahrain via road can be a smooth and cost-effective process.

Road Transportation from UAE to Bahrain

Air Freight Shipping for Cars from UAE

For those looking to ship their car quickly from the UAE to Bahrain, air freight provides the fastest transport times. Air freight is recommended for high-value, classic, or luxury vehicles where minimising transit time is a priority.

The two main airports used for car air freight from the UAE are Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH). Both offer direct cargo flights to Bahrain International Airport in Muharraq. Air freight transit times are generally 1-3 days from the UAE to Bahrain.

The speed of air freight makes it ideal for:

– Classic, vintage, or high-performance vehicles where minimising transport time is critical.

– Relocating on short notice and needing your car shipped urgently. 

– When you need your car in Bahrain sooner than sea shipping transit times allow.

– Transporting urgently required spare parts.

Just keep in mind air freight should only be used when required, as sea shipping provides a more cost effective option for routine car transportation from the UAE to Bahrain.

Shipping Car Parts and Equipment

When shipping car parts and equipment like spare parts, tools, or accessories from the UAE to Bahrain, there are some key things to keep in mind.


Just like full vehicle transport, any car parts or equipment being shipped internationally needs to clear customs on both sides of the border. Be sure to check the export and import regulations between the UAE and Bahrain. Certain restricted items may require special permits. Proper documentation like commercial invoices will be required.




Properly pack and crate any loose parts or delicate equipment to prevent damage during transit. For smaller items, use sturdy boxes and include cushioning like bubble wrap or foam peanuts. Wrap sensitive electronics separately. Securely tape boxes shut. For larger parts or heavy toolboxes, consider using wooden crates for protection. Include any special handling instructions clearly on the packaging. 


Shipping costs for car parts are usually calculated by dimensional weight or actual weight, whichever is greater. This will factor in the size and weight of the package(s). Sea freight is the most economical option but takes longer. Air freight is fastest but most expensive. Expect to pay customs duties upon import to Bahrain as well. Get quotes from different carriers to compare rates.


Transport times can range from just a few days by air up to several weeks by sea. Air freight will get car parts or equipment to Bahrain the quickest, while sea shipping takes longer but is cheaper. Road transport may take 1-2 weeks. Pick your method based on how quickly you need to receive the items vs your budget. Communicate with the shipping company about realistic delivery timeframes.

With some preparation and research into the regulations, costs, and transit times, shipping automotive parts and equipment from the UAE to Bahrain can be a smooth process. Follow best practices for packing and documentation to ensure your items arrive safely.

## Key Tips for Stress-Free Car Shipping

Shipping your car from the UAE to Bahrain can be a smooth process if you follow some key tips:

– **Choose the right shipping method for your needs** – Road transport is the cheapest option but takes the longest. Sea shipping is moderately priced but your car is exposed to sea air. Air freight is the fastest method but most expensive. Assess your budget, time frame, and needs to pick the ideal method.

– **Use a reputable shipping company** – Do research to find an established company with expertise in UAE to Bahrain shipping. Read reviews and ask for referrals. Ensure they are licensed and approved for international transport.

– **Prepare all required documentation** – This includes passport, visa, ownership papers, insurance, and any customs forms needed. Ensure all documents are current and valid. Missing paperwork can hold up the shipping process.

– **Get appropriate insurance** – Standard insurance may not cover international transport. Get specialized coverage for transit insurance, accident damage, theft, etc. Review policy limits and exclusions.

Following these key tips will help ensure a smooth, stress-free experience shipping your car from the UAE to Bahrain. Allow enough time for the process and work with reputable professionals. Proper preparation, documentation, and insurance will give you peace of mind.

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