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Car Shipping to Beirut Lebanon from Dubai UAE

Car Shipping to Beirut Lebanon from Dubai UAE door to door, sea ,air freight  Shipping cars, equipment, spare parts and goods, Containers from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman to Beirut, Lebanon

Car Shipping to Beirut Lebanon from Dubai UAE

Car Shipping to Beirut Lebanon from Dubai UAE door to door, sea ,air freight  Shipping cars, equipment, spare parts and goods, Containers from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman to Beirut, Lebanon

BBC car shipping services from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman to Beirut, Lebanon, door to door, sea and air shipping of cars, equipment, spare parts and goods.

 The United Arab Emirates and Lebanon share close economic ties, resulting in a high volume of trade and transportation between the two countries. A popular transport service is the shipping of vehicles, especially cars, from the UAE to Lebanese ports.

Vehicle shipping provides an affordable and convenient way to get your car to Lebanon compared to driving it yourself or transporting it via plane. The primary origin points for car transport to Lebanon are the major UAE shipping hubs of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. The Port of Jebel Ali in Dubai is the busiest and most connected container terminal in the Middle East, handling huge volumes of cargo bound for destinations across the globe, including Lebanon.

Cars and other vehicles are typically transported via Roll On/Roll Off (RORO) ships or inside shipping containers. The main destination port in Lebanon is Beirut, which has the infrastructure and customs capabilities to receive and process imported vehicles. Other Lebanese ports may be options as well, depending on the carrier and type of vehicle.


Car shipping from Dubai to Lebanon

BBC is the best company specialized in shipping cars from the United Arab Emirates to Lebanon, as it saves its customers the cost in addition to the speed in completing the tasks.

Many people consider shipping their car from the UAE to Lebanon for a variety of reasons. Some of the top motivations include:


**Lower Prices in the UAE** – Cars are generally less expensive in the UAE compared to Lebanon. Even with the cost of shipping factored in, buying a car in the UAE and shipping it to Lebanon can result in major savings. The UAE has become a major hub for both new and used car sales.


**Importing Unique or Classic Cars** – The UAE tends to have access to a wider selection of rare, classic, and luxury vehicles. For car enthusiasts in Lebanon, importing a specialty car unavailable locally can be highly desirable.


**Relocating to Lebanon** – For those moving permanently from the UAE to Lebanon, shipping their existing vehicle avoids the need to go through the process of selling their current car and buying a replacement in Lebanon. This allows continuity and avoids the hassle and expense of selling and buying locally.


Shipping a car from the UAE makes the most sense financially for Lebanese nationals or residents to register the car in Lebanon. With proper import arrangements, shipping a car can provide convenience and potential savings.

Car shipping from Dubai to Lebanon

Car Shipping to Lebanon from UAE

Shipping a car from the UAE to Lebanon can be done via sea freight or air freight. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Car Shipping from Jebel Ali port to Lebanon

The most common way to ship a car from the UAE to Lebanon is via sea freight. Cars are transported in RORO (roll on, roll off) ships from major ports like Jebel Ali in Dubai.

– **Advantages of sea shipping:** Sea freight is significantly cheaper than air freight, often half the cost or less. The large capacity of cargo ships makes it efficient for transporting multiple vehicles. Port clearance procedures are well established.

– **Disadvantages of sea shipping:** Transit times are longer, usually 4-6 weeks from the UAE to Beirut. There is more handling so higher risk of damage. Cars are exposed to sea spray and weather during transport.

Sea shipping works best for classic cars, vintage vehicles, or non-urgent shipments where cost is the priority. Ports like Jebel Ali provide modern RORO terminals and frequent sailings to major Mediterranean ports.

Air freight from Dubai to Lebanon

For urgent shipments or high value cars, air freight provides faster transit times. Cars are flown in cargo planes from Dubai or Abu Dhabi to Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport.

– **Advantages of air shipping:** Air freight is much faster, usually 3-8 days from the UAE to Lebanon. Risk of damage is lower since cars undergo less handling. Useful for time-sensitive shipments.

– **Disadvantages of air shipping:** Air freight costs around 4-5 times more than sea freight. Capacity is limited by aircraft space. Customs clearance can be more complex for air cargo.

Air shipping makes sense for luxury, classic, or valuable sports cars where speed and minimizing risk of damage outweighs the higher costs.

Sea freight from Dubai and Jebel Ali

Shipping your car from Dubai or Jebel Ali seaport to Lebanon by sea freight is the most common method. It is more affordable than air freight, with transit times averaging 2-3 weeks.


Sea shipments depart from Jebel Ali port, which is Dubai’s major shipping hub. Carriers like Grimaldi Lines, KMTC, and Wallenius Wilhelmsen offer regular RORO (roll on, roll off) services from Jebel Ali to the Port of Beirut in Lebanon.


The sea journey involves loading the car at Jebel Ali, sailing through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean, and unloading at Beirut port. Total transit time is usually 14-21 days each way.


Costs for sea freight to Lebanon are quite reasonable, averaging $1000-1500 for a standard sized car. Rates are based on the vehicle’s size, weight, model and shipping method. Expect to pay more for enclosed container transport versus open RORO shipping.


To export a car by sea from Dubai, you’ll need to provide original title documents, UAE registration, Oman insurance, and a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the registered owner. Your shipping agent will assist with UAE customs clearance. CIF import customs clearance in Lebanon is also arranged.


Sea freight provides the most affordable rates for shipping cars, equipment, and personal goods to Lebanon from Dubai or Jebel Ali port. Transit times are slower but costs are lower compared to air shipping.

Sea freight from Dubai and Jebel Ali 2

Air freight from Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Air shipping your car from the UAE to Lebanon is the fastest option, with transit times of just 1-5 days typically. However, it is also the most expensive method.

We at BBC Car Shipping Company from the Emirates provide our customers with the best services in terms of cost and speed in completing tasks.

When shipping by air, your vehicle will be loaded into a cargo plane in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, and flown directly to Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport. From there it can be collected or transported onwards within Lebanon.

Some key points about air shipping cars from the UAE to Lebanon:

– Door-to-door services are available.

– Short transit times of 1-5 days.

– Customs clearance and documentation is handled for you.

– Cargo planes transport vehicles safely and securely.

– Limited capacity means booking well in advance is recommended.

Documentation you’ll need to prepare includes original registration papers, ownership documentation, your passport copy and a valid Lebanese visa.

Overall air shipping is the fastest and most secure way to transport your car from Dubai or Abu Dhabi to Lebanon. While more expensive than sea freight, it saves significantly on time and minimizes risks

Shipping cars and equipment from Emirates to Lebanon

The UAE is comprised of 7 emirates including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The northern emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah also offer options for shipping your car to Lebanon.

Shipping cars and equipment from Sharjah to Lebanon

Sharjah has become a major transport and cargo hub in the UAE. The emirate has several ports including Khorfakkan Port, Hamriyah Port, Port Khalid, and Sharjah Container Terminal. These facilities provide ro-ro shipping options to send vehicles to Lebanon. The nearby Sharjah International Airport can also transport cars as air cargo. Reputable car shipping companies will be able to arrange and coordinate sea or air transport from Sharjah.

Shipping cars and equipment from Ajman to Lebanon

BBC International Shipping and Logistics Services Company ships cars, equipment and spare parts from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman to Lebanon, door to door.

Ajman offers a strategic location in the center of the UAE with access to the major roads linking all the emirates. The Ajman Free Zone and Ajman Port provide infrastructure for transporting vehicles and cargo. Shipping companies can arrange ro-ro or container services from Ajman to Beirut. The short distance to Dubai and Sharjah also makes it easy to move the car to these transportation hubs.

Shipping cars and equipment from Ajman to Lebanon

Shipping cars and equipment from Fujairah to Lebanon

Fujairah has become a key logistics center thanks to the major Port of Fujairah facilities on the eastern coast. As well as shipping oil and gas exports, Fujairah Port also includes a large ro-ro terminal offering regular short sea shipping connections to ports like Aqaba, Bandar Abbas and Mumbai. Cargo transport specialists can arrange the paperwork and shipping service to get your car from Fujairah to Lebanon.

Shipping cars and equipment from Ras Al Khaimah to Lebanon

The port facilities at Ras Al Khaimah mean car shipping companies have access to sea transport options from the emirate. The SAIF Zone is a free trade area with customs bonded warehouses for temporary vehicle storage before overseas transport. Ras Al Khaimah International Airport also provides air cargo services across the region and wider world.


So in summary, alongside Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the other northern emirates provide a range of facilities for ro-ro and container shipping as well as air cargo services. An experienced transport agent can advise the best option based on your specific requirements, departure point and destination in Lebanon

Exporting cars from Dubai, UAE, to Lebanon

BBC Import and Export Services Company for cars, vehicles and equipment from and to Dubai, UAE. We specialize in exporting cars from Dubai to Lebanon, sea and air shipping, door to door.

Bringing a car into Lebanon requires navigating customs regulations and having the proper documentation. While customs clearance can be complex, being prepared helps ensure the process goes smoothly.

### Customs Clearance

All vehicles imported into Lebanon must clear customs upon arrival at the port of entry. Customs will inspect the car and validate all documents before releasing it. Common requirements include:

– Valid certificate of title or registration proving ownership

– Purchase invoice showing price paid

– Certificate of origin identifying where the car was manufactured

– Valid insurance certificate

– Passport copy of registered owner

– Temporary import form provided by shipping company

Customs taxes and duties will be assessed based on the value and specifications of the car. This is usually around 10% of the vehicle’s value for non-GCC registered cars.

Some exemptions exist, such as for returning Lebanese expats importing a used car registered abroad. But even with an exemption, proper documentation must still be presented.

Using an experienced shipping agent or customs broker is highly recommended to ensure the clearance process goes smoothly. They will be familiar with the regulations and documentation needed.

### Inspection and Release

Once cleared, customs will perform a physical inspection of the vehicle, checking the VIN, engine and chassis numbers match what is on the paperwork.


When everything checks out, customs will issue a release order and the car can finally be collected from the port. Expect the full customs clearance process to take around 2-3 days on average.


With the right preparation and documents, importing a car into Lebanon through customs can be completed successfully. Consulting with a qualified shipping agent or customs broker is key to ensure compliance.

Finding a Reputable Car Shipping Company

Contact BBC Dubai UAE for all sea or air freight services when shipping cars, equipment, vehicles, projects, warehouses and for all freight services.

When arranging to ship your car from the UAE to Lebanon, it’s important to find a reliable and reliable company to handle the transportation. Here are some tips on how to choose a good provider:

– **Verify licenses and registrations**. Make sure the company has all required licenses and registrations to legally operate in the UAE and Lebanon. They should be registered with the Federal Transport Authority.

– **Ask about experience**. Find out how long they have been shipping cars between the UAE and Lebanon. More experience means more established routes and processes.

– **Confirm they have operations in Lebanon**. Choose a company that has an actual presence in Lebanon, not just the UAE. This makes clearing customs easier.

– **Request insurance information**. Make sure they provide full door-to-door insurance for your vehicle during transportation and delivery.

– **Get a detailed quote**. Obtain a written quote that clearly explains all costs, fees and services. Beware very low quotes that seem too good to be true.

– **Check customer service**. Assess responsiveness and helpfulness when you inquire about their services. This indicates how you’ll be treated as a customer.

Doing your due diligence helps avoid potential issues and ensures your car gets to Lebanon smoothly. Invest time to research and evaluate potential car shipping partners.

Finding a Reputable Car Shipping Company

Costs of shipping cars and equipment from Dubai, UAE, to Lebanon


  Costs and Factors That Impact Pricing

Shipping a car from the UAE to Lebanon can vary greatly in price depending on several key factors:

**Weight and Size**

Heavier and larger vehicles will cost more to ship than lighter compact cars or sedans. This is especially true when shipping by air. Shipping Even a medium-sized SUV can run $1000-$1500 more than a standard sedan.

**Shipping Method**

Sea shipping is significantly cheaper than air transport. The price difference can be $1000 or more per vehicle. However, sea shipping also takes much longer with transit times of 4-6 weeks from Dubai to Beirut.

**Timing and Demand**

Like airplane tickets, car shipping prices fluctuate based on seasonal demand. Times of high volume like summer holiday periods often come with price increases. Booking in advance secures cheaper rates. Last-minute arrangements typically incur premium charges.


Most companies automatically insure vehicles under transport. However, additional insurance increases the overall price. It’s recommended for vintage, classic, or high-value vehicles.

**Origin and Destination**

Shipping times and access from certain emirates is easier than others. Transport from Dubai or Abu Dhabi is most common and affordable. Intercity transfers or transport from Northern Emirates adds costs. Door-to-port, port-to-port, and door-to-door also impact pricing.

With significant variables, it’s essential to get an accurate quote from your selected transporter based on your specific shipment details. Cost savings opportunities also exist through carrier negotiations and booking during low seasons.

Car shipping from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah to Beirut, Lebanon

BBC Company for car and equipment shipping services and RORO shipping from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, UAE to Lebanon, by sea and air, door to door.

When shipping your car to Lebanon, make sure to take some key steps to ensure a smooth process:


### Properly prepare the car

– Clean out the car thoroughly, removing any personal items. Lebanon customs may inspect the car upon arrival.

– Check the car battery and fluids to make sure everything is in good working order for the trip.

– Make sure the gas tank is no more than 1/4 full when the car is loaded onto the transport.

– Disable the car alarm so it does not go off during transit and loading/unloading.

– Disconnect the battery or use a battery cut off switch to prevent battery drain during transit.

– Take plenty of photos showing the car condition before it ships. This provides proof of its pre-shipment condition.


### Arrange Insurance

– Purchase adequate marine insurance to cover the full value of the car during transport. This protects against damage or loss.

-You may need specific import/transit coverage. Review policy details with your loser.

– Self-insuring is risky – Problems during shipping or customs delays are not uncommon.


### Use an Experienced Broker

– Hiring an established auto transport broker to handle the shipping simplifies the process.

– They take care of the paperwork, find a reliable carrier, and resolve any issues.

– Their expertise navigating regulations and paperwork provides peace of mind.

– Get quotes from multiple brokers to compare costs and services.

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